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Dying in Vein

People here are talking about the new documentary called “Dying In Vein: The Opiate Generation” by filmmaker Jenny Mackenzie. It is a must-see film for anyone struggle with a loved one or trying to help.  The film is raw, gritty and ugly. No holds are barred from the viewer witnessing the descending yet progressive nature of this […]

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Worst Addiction Epidemic Ever

Many are saying the US is in the throes of the worst addiction epidemic ever witnessed before. The increasing numbers of overdoses and overdose accidental deaths from prescription pain medications i.e. opiates and its many derivatives, have skyrocketed in every city across the US. Everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else from drug companies, doctors, family members, drug […]

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Tom Petty Cause of Death: Opioid Overdose

You may have heard that the Entertainment Industry lost another icon October 02, 2017. A recent report from the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner released findings that Tom Petty died of an accidental overdose according to the findings of the autopsy. Petty was 66 years old. The medical report revealed opioids mixed with several sedatives […]

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Robin Williams
Robin Williams commits suicide at age 63

It is with a heavy heart that we acknowledge the death of Robin Williams at age 63.  He was a brilliant actor that everyone loved.  Apparently he committed suicide at home. His battle with addiction and depression was fairly well-known.  Clearly he had demons like the rest of us, despite fame, fortune and how widely he […]

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Philip Seymour Hoffman makes us all ask ‘why’

We offer our condolences to the family of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Coming to terms with the untimely loss of a beloved family member can take years as one tries to lay to rest the primal question, WHY? One’s mind continually jumps from the things that were said and done and whether something more should have […]

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